20 Best Travel Tips to Make You Happiest Traveler

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Travel is beneficial for a lot of life’s aspects, but it can even improve emotional well-being-and not only in the short term. If you’re going on vacation, on a one-week camping trip, or sacrificing everything to enjoy life on the road, traveling will make you a happier individual by creating self-confidence, offering new opportunities and memories, breaking the norm, and encouraging you to encounter people from all over the world. To make travel much more fun, I’m offering you professional tips from my years of travel experience.

Best travel tip – 1: Patience is really necessary

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Patience | Photo by Tyler Milligan on Unsplash

Patience is the top tip of travel life.  Don’t sweat items that you can’t handle. Life is too short to be mad and frustrated all the time when you’re on the road. Have you missed the bus? Don’t worry, there’s going to be another one. ATM out of money, huh? Great! good! wonderful! Taking an unanticipated road ride to the next town and discover. I realize that occasionally it can be rough, but just take deep breaths and tell yourself that it might be worse.

Best travel tip – 2: Laugh At Yourself Sometimes

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Laugh At Yourself | Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

You’re probably going to seem like a fool for several days when you’re moving to different locations. Instead of getting humiliated, chuckle at yourself. Don’t be scared to mess up, just don’t take things too seriously. Relax now! One time, a restaurant full of Indians chuckled with glee when I was having rice and curry with a folk. Moving back, I was joking with them made me fresh mates for the remainder of the trip!

Best travel tip – 3: Occasionally, volunteer

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Volunteer | Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

Making it a priority to volunteer any of your time for worthy travel ventures. Not only is it a really enjoyable opportunity, but you can also discover more about the nation and its citizens and meet lifelong friends. There’s a fantastic place called Grassroots Volunteering where you will find widely suggested volunteer experiences around the world. Only be very vigilant of voluntourism and do your homework, since there are a lot of scams out there, too.

Best travel tip – 4: Hold your mind free

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Mind free | Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

Don’t condemn other people’s lifestyles or customs whether they are different from your own. Listen to views that you don’t identify with. It’s selfish to believe that your opinions are right and that other people are incorrect. Learn sympathy and place yourself in someone else’s shoes. Take on various options, views, religions, traditions, and interests. You don’t have to agree with anyone, however, you will be shocked to hear about the people you encounter on your journeys.

Best travel tip – 5: Be agile and don’t over-plan

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Don’t over-plan | Photo by Aslı Yılmaz on Unsplash

I’m crying when readers question how many days they’re going to spend traveling in a certain nation or region. The fact is, I don’t know what you’re going to enjoy or who you’re going to find. I figured I was going to rocket through Nicaragua in a week or two, but I ended up staying there for many months because I loved it too much. My recommendation is to select a starting point, 1 or 2 must-do tasks, and an endpoint (or not). And instead, let the world decide the balance of it. Be versatile and willing to adjust your plans if you hear anything along the way!

Best travel tip – 6: Take your Extra Credit & ATM Card

best travel tip
Credit & ATM Card | Photo by Paul Felberbauer on Unsplash

Getting your bank card information stolen can be daunting, but particularly if it occurs while you’re visiting a different land. If your card is frozen, lost, or the ATM system consumes it, you’re trapped! And you want to be bringing back up cards. A significant travel recommendation is to pack a 2nd bank account/debit card plus a spare credit card that you hold apart from your wallet. This way, whether your wallet gets robbed or your ATM card gets shut off, you will have access to money throughout your journeys.

Best travel tip – 7: Read A Book About The Country

best travel tip
Read A Book | Photo by Hisu lee on Unsplash

Before you fly to a foreign place, I suggest reading a good book to understand more about culture and history before you visit. This may be as easy as a guide to the Lonely World, or even a famous novel by a local author. Your on-the-ground travel experience would be far more enjoyable if you already know certain information about the place you’re exploring. Don’t worry, you’re always going to learn a lot of new things, so you’re going to have a base to work with.

Best travel tip – 8: Pack Ear Plugs and Eye Mask

best travel tip
Ear Plugs and Eye Mask | Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

In reality, this travel tip must be on the top of the list. I love the earplugs! Muffle the sounds of screaming kids, dog barking, beeping horns, natural gas salesmen, and more. The true buddy of a traveler. These are my ideal comfort & performance earplugs. Another perfect investment to treat jet-lag is a cozy eye mask.

Best travel tip – 9: Carry your own bottle of water

best travel tip
Carry your own bottle of water | Photo by Globelet Reusable on Unsplas

If you haven’t heard, people are killing the world with plastic waste. Buying drinking water continuously while you’re driving is extremely poor for the climate! But drinking water isn’t really safe everywhere, either. My suggestion to conserve resources and support saving the world is to pack a filtered bottle of water for all my journeys. This way, you will re-use the same bottle countless times, and never again pay for costly, unsustainable filtered water!

Best travel tip – 10: Carry Spare Passport Photos

best travel tip
Carry Spare Passport Photos | Photo by Mikael Frivold on Unsplash

Acquiring visas for certain countries may be a serious hassle, and some can require several passport-sized images. Have you ever attempted to find a spot to take passport pictures in a country like Tajikistan? It’s not that convenient! Before you leave your home country, have a bunch of passport-sized photographs (10?) printed and bring them with you, in just case. It’s going to save you a great deal of time and trouble in the long term.

Best travel tip – 11:  Always Pack A Lock

best travel tip
Always Pack A Lock | Photo by Michael Chacon on Unsplash

When I fly, I often carry a tiny padlock as well as a thin steel cord. It comes in handy in certain cases, such as if you’re residing at a locker hostel, or if you need to lock your luggage to anything for whatever reason. I locked my bag to the bus benches, the tree at the swimming hole, the sink in the shady hotel room, etc. I have used them to tie up a borrowed scooter or bicycle. It’s not ideal, so it’s better than doing nothing.

Best travel tip – 12: Packing Cubes for Victory!

best travel tip
bag packed | Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

Trying to keep your suitcase or bag packed when you’re driving is a huge hassle, unless you’re using it. The packaging of cubes. These little zippered bags help you to keep your clothing separate from underwear, or dirty laundry from clean clothes. I’ve been using these packaging cubes for years and I just love them! They take up so little room but make it so much easier to find your things. Another alternative is compression packs, which force all the air out, allowing still more space for more.

Best travel tip – 13: Bring great traveling shoes

best travel tip
Traveling shoes | Photo by Emma Van Sant on Unsplash

You’re going to have to walk a lot while you’re on the route, particularly and you’ll save money. So invest in a nice pair of travel shoes that are compact, multi-purpose, and really convenient. As for myself, I prefer to wear a pair of decent shoes and a pair of sneakers. If I’m going to do a lot of hiking in the mountains, I’m planning on bringing a pair of hiking boots.

Best travel tip – 14: Book the cheapest flights

best travel tip
Book the cheapest flights | Photo by Ethan McArthur on Unsplash

Flying will also be one of the more costly aspects of a foreign voyage. But with experience, you can know how to book crazy cheap flights and save a lot of money. For eg, booking 2-3 months in advance. Sign up on the cheap ticket warnings, keep an eye on error fares, and take a peek at possible airports that could be near your ultimate destination.

I book all of my flights through below search engines :

Best travel tip – 15: Regularly consume local food

best travel tip
Street Food | Photo by James Sutton on Unsplash

Taste a bit of something while you’re on the drive, particularly if you don’t know what it is. Contact the local residents for guidance. Eat street food from front-facing stalls with long queues. Eating street food is a perfect way to save money when you’re on the road! I’ve just been really sick only a few times in my years of continuous travel. Don’t be afraid of food. Oh, there’s nothing off with popping into McDonald’s if you sound like you’re homesick, so why travel around the planet to consume the same food you can get around with? Live a little bit!

Best travel tip – 16: Preparing your own meals

best travel tip
Preparing your own meals | Photo by Tina Dawson on Unsplash

One of the perks of living in a rental apartment or hostel is that these forms of travel accommodation typically include a kitchen. Will you have to eat out every night while you’re home? Do you believe the locals are doing that? Of course, it’s not. Most of the reasons why travel is so costly are because we sometimes eat out all the time because it’s easy. You’ll save a lot of money if you just go to the store and cook some of your own meals when you’re on the drive. It’s interesting to shop in international stores, too!

Best travel tip – 17: Eat away from a tourist attraction

best travel tip
Regular restaurant | Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

Restaurants that are strategically situated next to famous tourist destinations are often overpriced. If you want to save money on groceries, consider walking a couple of streets away to eat in a regular restaurant, not one for visitors with high costs. Also, look out for locations where the menu is written in various languages for tourists — they’re also likely to be overpriced.

Best travel tip – 18: Always have a travel insurance policy

best travel tip
Travel insurance | Photo by Natalya Zaritskaya on Unsplash

No one ever feels they’re going to get injured, wounded, or robbed while on the route. Yet it occurs when you least want it to happen. On my journeys, I caught Dengue fever, and lost my laptop to robbers. For travel benefits, you don’t have to think about big ambulance expenses or stolen gear as it occurs. For all sorts of journeys, from a weekend to a few months, I still suggest that you take up a robust travel insurance policy.

Best travel tip – 19: Stash Spare Cash for emergencies

best travel tip
Spare Cash | Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

To secure yourself in an accident, make sure you hide any spare cash in a few separate locations. I suggest a valuation of at least a few hundred dollars. If you forget your pocket, your card stops functioning, or the ATMs run out of money, you’ll be happy you did that. Any of my favorite hiding places include dirty socks, under shoe inserts, a toilet pocket, a backpack case, or even a patch on your pocket.

Best travel tip – 20: Keep in contact with the beloved.

best travel tip
contact with the beloved | Photo by Afif Kusuma on Unsplash

Try to contact your families and acquaintances from time to time. Maybe they’ll be shocked and go to old-school by sending a postcard (it’s in the mail, Mom!). Travel is not alone, far from it. You’re still seeing different people. But flying alone ensures that all of these new partnerships are temporary. There’s still somebody arriving or leaving. So your emotional well-being needs to establish a good friendship with those who know you best back home.

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