Top Things To Do In Patagonia – Trendiest Destination Of Argentina

patagonia glaciers
patagonia glaciers - Image by marcogrocha from Pixabay

A location that covers the vast most southern tip of South America with big open fields, windswept steppes, magnificent hills, antarctic lakes, and a solitary roadway. Patagonia is not just for nature enthusiasts absolutely but additionally for history dogs and also brave visitors. Filled with the journey as well as enjoyment, there are lots of things to do in Patagonia.

1. Peninsula Valdés

The UNESCO globe heritage website considering that 1999 is an all-natural get lined with grainy coastlines and incredible cliffs. Peninsula Valdés is an aquatic wildlife haven for jeopardized types. It is a phenomenon of aquatic creatures with whales, elephant seals, Magellanic penguins, guanaco, sea lions, sea wolves, whales, and also penguins.

Even more, there are additionally numerous directed excursions offered from Puerto Madryn. What to do in Patagonia is a traveller advised cruise flight that brings travelers to attractive dolphin-watching places.

patagonia penguins | Image by Fabio Mondelli from Pixabay

2. Egidio Feruglio Paleontology Museum

Found in the Atlantic Patagonian town of Trelew just a 10-minute drive from the Trelew Almirante Marcos Zar airport, Egidio Feruglio Paleontology Gallery is named after an Italian palaeontologist who researched old Cretaceous, Tertiary, and also Mesozoic plant fossils in Patagonia– Egidio Feruglio.

So the main Patagonian research institute houses specimens such as a 150 million-year-old dinosaur skeleton and also a 60 million-year-old meiolanidos fossil turtle. It transfers tourists to ancient Patagonia with 4 galleries revealing over 1,700 fossils.

Gastón Cuello / CC BY-SA (

3. Cerro Catedral Ski Resort

A venue not just for downhill winter sports, Cerro Catedral gives the possibility to evaluate your endurance along the cross-country ski trails or to overcome the powder of sledge and snowmobile is one of the most popular points to do in Patagonia.

This hotel in the Lake Area of Argentina has expert instructors, stunning areas as well as a variety of outside courses. There are great deals of chances for hiking as well as mountain cycling in the summertime season; in between December and also February.

The Cerro basilica hotel can be gotten to from Bariloche with the Tre’s de Mayo bus line, which departs around every half an hour, and also if travelling by a car, it is a 7-mile trip.

Ridding snowboard | Photo by Chris F from Pexels

4. Cave of the Hands (Cueva de las Manos)

Among the most significant social sites in South America as well as acknowledged as a UNESCO Globe Heritage site, the Cave of the Hands, still bordered by secret, is one of the consequential places to see in Patagonia, Argentina.

Situated in the Francisco P. Moreno National Forest in Southern Patagonia, the archaeologists think it to be associated with the predecessors of the TeTehuelcheribe. The walls of the cave show 3 individual cave art designs related to the hunter-gatherer culture that existed about 10,000 BCE in Argentina’s Patagonia.

In-depth murals precede searching scenes of regional guanacos and ostriches prior to the handprints, complicating the history of the area.

Mariano / CC BY-SA (

5. Tierra del Fuego national park

The Tierra del Fuego national forest uses its visitors with scenic views, walking tracks, and rivers. The park is house to several coastal birds, which you can see during walking, trekking, and enjoying water sports here. You can additionally do boating below and explore the gorgeous views around Lapataia bay.

Tierra del Fuego National Park, Ushuaia, Argentina | Photo by Seb Creativo on Unsplash

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