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Morocco is the official northern portal to Africa, welcoming travelers to reach a land rooted in tradition and culture where peaks cross deserts, and the captivating scent of spicy souks is never far away. History and architecture lovers might waste hours burying themselves in a multitude of cobbled passageways winding through classical medinas lined with mosaic-covered walls, pleasant courtyards, and jangling fountains. CDC information for tourists. The time/availability could have shifted.

Best Things to do in Morocco – the Ultimate List

1. Casablanca Cathedral

Best Things to do in Morocco
Casablanca, Morocco | Photo by John Weinhardt on Unsplash

Surrounded by mainly Muslim art, the Sacré Coeur Cathedral is a rather discordant icon in the cultural landscape of Casablanca. Still unfortunately abandoned and forgotten, the once beautiful and magnificent church dates back to 1930 when Morocco was still under the control of Catholic France. Exploring this place is one of the best things to do when you visit Morocco. 

Since the liberation of Morocco in 1956, the church was used for schooling and later as a cultural center. Even so, the neo-Gothic architecture, with its strong art deco and Moroccan Muslim elements, is notable, and anybody involved in architecture should make a point of visiting it. You will climb up to the peak of the two towers (which show clear similarity to Muslim minarets) to appreciate a sweeping view of the region and take a closer peek at the peculiar outer square buttresses.

2. Visit the Tanneries in Fez

Best Things to do in Morocco
Leather Tanneries of Fez in Morocco | Photo by Adam Jang on Unsplash

The Imperial City of Fez is well-known for its leather items, and much of the high-quality products come from a leather bazaar in the old medina. The tanneries have been in existence since the Middle Ages and haven’t modified much since then. For the best experience, travel to the leather markets in the galleries above the central courtyard of Chouara Tannery. After this, you could see the vats overflowing with bright colors, and the skins stretched out to dry in the light.

The scent of quicklime and pigeon feces combination used to treat hides can be daunting, but the sight of the past in motion does more than make up for it. Browse the stores themselves in pursuit of genuine leather items, varying from handbags to sandals. ​

3. Steam in a Traditional Hammam

Best Things to do in Morocco
Hammam, a traditional steam bath | Image by Alexandra Gorsche from Pixabay

A hammam, or a traditional steam bath, is a rite of passage in Morocco. In the past, when few individuals had the privilege of private bathrooms, hammams were social gathering areas where people might come to bathe and do leisure talks. Today, there are fewer public hammams, but those that do operate provide an interesting cultural insight-and an opportunity to undergo the greatest purification and exfoliation of your existence. Without a doubt, this one of the fun things to do in Morocco.

They are also a perfect place for female travelers to interact and socialize with local women especially. If the prospect of swimming with complete strangers is off-putting, imagine a high-quality hammam in a riad with specialist care rooms and high-quality items from across Morocco.

4. Best things to do in Morocco – Hike Todra Gorge

Best Things to do in Morocco
Hike Todra Gorge | Image by pixelRaw from Pixabay

Standing at number 4 on our list of the best things to do in Morocco is a stunning one that many of you might be scoffing at.

For while Todra Gorge is a box ticker that many visitors see for a few hours as part of their sand tour of Marrakech, if you spend a night or two in this fantastic place, you’ll discover much more! Looking out to be my favorite spot in Morocco, staying at a small guest house in the village near Ait-Baha offered a beautifully indigenous culture encounter, mountains of spectacular desert landscape (literally), and some nice hiking and climbing.

The ideal tranquil solution to the hectic and touristy Marrakesh, this is truly a fantastic place in the isolated valleys at the foot of the Atlas Mountains.

5. Fun things to do in Morocco – EAT

Best Things to do in Morocco
Essaouira, Morocco | Photo by Thiébaud Faix on Unsplash

Keeping to the monosyllabic trend when it comes to the top and fun things to do in Morocco, tasting mouth-watering foods has to be up there! If you haven’t encountered Moroccan food yet, where have you been? Ok, definitely not Morocco, but here you can’t pass on to wonderful local fare, which is still washed away with a glass of refreshing mint tea.

Tagines, vegetables, new fruits, and dates make up the average meal, though vegetarians are typically well-served. Although the cities will have more luxury restaurants, it’s the traditional little villages, towns, and souks that you need to head to experience the true Moroccan meal!

Anything else – taking a local food tour or cooking course would be a perfect opportunity to learn more about the vital position that food plays in the culture of this country.

6. Journey Through the Mountains – Best Things to do in Morocco

Best Things to do in Morocco
Atlas Mountains, Morocco | Photo by imane ag on Unsplash

Morocco has four primary mountain ranges, three of which are part of the Atlas scheme. The High Atlas Mountains are simple to reach from Marrakesh and include the highest Jbel Toubkal mountain in the region, a range of hiking trails, and a plethora of experiences.

A standout of the Middle Atlas collection is Ifrane, with its mild temperatures, the French architecture symbolic of the Swiss Garden City and the Barbary Macaques. The Non-Atlas Mountains are the driest of the Atlas Mountains. The Rif Mountains, in the north of the region, are also perfect for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Visit the Berber towns, stay in the wild, trek to the mules, see local animals, and enjoy breathtaking views.

7. Explore Interesting Imperial Cities

Best Things to do in Morocco
Marrakesh, Morocco | Photo by Federico Gutierrez on Unsplash

Each of Morocco’s four colonial cities provides a great deal of experience and attractions. Take a few days to enjoy the splendor of Marrakesh’s ancient sights, shop for souks, lounge in the lovely parks, and walk through the thrilling streets of the medina.

Applaud the stunning architecture of Fes, stroll around the souks, and tour a few of the oldest tanneries in the country. Enjoy the relaxed manner of Meknes when you explore its former royal places and contrast the old and the modern in Rabat, the modern capital of the region.

8. Explore the Volubilis Archaeological Site

Best Things to do in Morocco
Ancient Roman City Volubilis, Morocco | Image by Daniel Wanke from Pixabay

Established IN AND Settled IN THE Third Century BC, the city stayed inhabited by Latin Christians, and by Muslims, then by the Idrisid Family, the creators of current Morocco. It was deserted in the 11th century when the center of power shifted to Fez, and the city’s stones were plundered for the development of Meknes after a massive earthquake in the 18th century.

Under French colonization, the exploration formally identified the location as the Roman town of Volubilis. Archaeologists uncovered magnificent mosaic tiles, churches, basilicas, aqueducts, pools, walls, and — as in every good old town — brothels.

Besides the regular Berber men marketing postcards and “meaningful” Roman coins, the city is now inhabited by a different form of resident: storks. What better position for these big birds to construct their dense nests than the Roman column? The smoother sides shield them from any ground animal, and their height and parental security shield them from above. Storks can be found all over Morocco, nestling on top of buildings.

Volubilis was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. A short pit stop is normally part of a Morocco tour package on the path from Meknes to Fes. We have to rate this one of the best things to do in Morocco due to its cultural significance.

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